Cancellation Policy

Online Cancellation Feature is only available for the user registered with us.

Guest bookings Please contact Playbonker Customer Care

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation charges vary from vendor to vendor and are mentioned in front of each vendor when you are making a booking.

1. The Internet fees and other fees will not be refunded, only the cost of the slots booked after the cancellation charges will be refunded.

2. Upon the cancellation the redeemed Bonker Coins will reflect back in your bonker account and the amount paid by you online will be refunded to your account within 15 working days after the cancellation.

3. We do not right now provide the option to reschedule your booking , you need to cancel and book again if you wish to book another slot instead the present booked slot.

4. Online refunds for bookings made through the website usually take 7-15 working days.

5. The amount after the cancellation will be refunded into your account. Or you can choose to get the refund as bonker coins.

6. In case if the amount gets debited from your account and slots not booked, Playbonker will refund the entire Fare electronically (as credit to the relevant credit /debit card account used for the transaction), but the bank/card transaction charges are likely to be forfeited.

7. In case if you have used Bonker Coins for making your booking and later you cancel the booking .First the Bonker Coins will be provided (equivalent to used earlier) and whatever left after that will be refunded to your Bank account.