Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I register with PlayBonker?

Click on the 'Login/Register' link on Playbonker homepage. You can Login through your facebook or Google Account.

Is it necessary to register to make a booking?

No. It is optional. You can book as a Guest as well. However we advice you to register to avail facilities like bonker Coins, My favourite and Booking Management.

Why am I being asked for my Mobile number and Email Address at the time of booking?

Well, the simplest reason being that it is for the security of your transaction and to send booking confirmation notifications via SMS and Email. What's more?, you also get the dope on discounts and offers.

What are Bonker Coins And how Do i avail them?

Bonker Coins are a token of thanks from us to you for booking through our website. You get Bonker Coins for every booking that you make through us and pay online. Bonker Coins awarded to you are based on the amount that you pay online for a booking. But, for availing the Bonker Coins you need to be registered with us so that we can provide you with all the services and can track your bookings. In order to utilise the Bonker Coins you just need to select the Bonker check box at the time of booking. The amount equivalent to Bonker Coins you consumed will be reduced from the booking amount.

What should i do when i need assistance?

You can email your queries to our customer support team at and we will get back to you within 1 day of your inquiry during the working days. You can also call us on our number +91 8105005252.

What are the cancellation charges?

Cancellation Charges on booking amount(excluding Internet charges if Any)

Cancellation charges vary from vendor to vendor and are mentioned in front of each vendor when you are making a booking.

1. The Internet fees and other fees will not be refunded, only the cost of the slots booked after the cancellation charges will be refunded.

2. Upon the cancellation the redeemed Bonker Coins will reflect back in your bonker account and the amount paid by you online will be refunded to your account within 15 working days after the cancellation.

3. We do not right now provide the option to reschedule your booking , you need to cancel and book again if you wish to book another slot instead the present booked slot.

4. Online refunds for bookings made through the website usually take 7-15 working days.

5. The amount after the cancellation will be refunded into your PayU money account or Paytm Account you can get back the amount in your bank from there.

6. In case if the amount gets debited from your account and slots not booked, Playbonker will refund the entire Fare electronically (as credit to the relevant credit /debit card account used for the transaction), but the bank/card transaction charges are likely to be forfeited.

7. In case if you have used Bonker Coins for making your booking with the facility and later cancel the booking .First the Bonker Coins will be provided and whatever left after that will be refunded to your account.

Do you charge extra fees on Booking?

No. Playbonker is not charging any extra fee on any Booking.

How many Areana can i book in one transaction?

One. Right now you can book multiple slots per transaction for a day. In case you wish to book slots for more than 1 day , you need to carry out another transaction.

Do you take Booking through Phone?

No. We do not take booking though phone, for making a booking you need to visit our website/App. For any other queries you can always contact us at

What should i carry while visiting the sports facility to play the slots booked online?

Please make sure you show confirmation SMS or confirmation email while entering the sports facility. Please make sure you carry your valid photo ID proof as well.

We arrive late, prior to the scheduled timing. Will we be granted an extra time or refund?

We are afraid so. There won't be any extra time provided. Further acording to the cancellation policy refund will not be possible in such a case. It would be best to arrive to the facility on time.

We aren't able to make to the venue on time for a booked slot and we decide not to play for that particular hour, will our slot be shifted to the next hour?

We are afraid so. There might be other members who have booked the immediate next slot of yours. Keeping in mind of all such factors, slot shifting wouldn't happen.